Bath and Shower Tubs

If you have a small bathroom, then you may like to consider a Bath and Shower Tub. This is simply a bath tub with a shower above it. The idea is that you stand up in the bath whilst you shower. Splashing is often protected by a glass screen or plastic curtain.

Another plus to the Bath and Shower combo is that you then have the option of saving space in your bathroom, making room for another cupboard or more storage space. Or you may like to use the extra space to invest in a larger bath tub and really spoil yourself!

Bath and Shower combos can also save you money on your bathroom renovation. If you have an existing bath that you are happy to keep, you simply need to install a shower fitting above it. Then you can remove your old shower and use the space in some other way.

There are also available what are known as “Walk in Tub Accessible Showers”. These are a great idea for those with mobility limitations. With the walk in tubs, you simply open a door on the side of the bath, walk in, shut and seal the door and enjoy either a relaxing bath or shower.

Once you’ve decided that the bath and shower combo is the go for your bathroom, you then have the task of deciding what brand to get and where you will get it from. There are so many bathroom supply companies out there that you need to know which are reliable.

Lasco have an excellent reputation. They have been in the bathroom business since 1965 and have loads of bath-shower combos for you to choose from. Their products are made using a product called Lascoat (fibreglass reinforced gelcoat), which claims to be scratch-resistant. Kohler is also a reliable brand, although they can cost you more than some of the other brands.

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