Dealing with Annoying Pigeons on Your Property

Birds are gracious creatures to watch in flight, but they can be a nuisance when they invade your property and leave droppings all over your premises.

What attracts them to your property?

  • They like to stay near a stable food source.
  • Your property is a warm, safe environment to nest.
  • They’ll feed on almost anything, including garbage bags.
  • They take advantage of bird feeders and vegetable gardens.


Bird droppings can cause all sorts of problems around your home or business, they don’t just damage structures, they also act as airborne parasite carriers. If you’ve problems with pigeons or any other types of birds in Yorkshire, contact reliable pest control in Manchester to help resolve the problems and rid your property of pesky pigeons.


Most of us know that pigeons aren’t the cleanest of birds, they carry all sorts of diseases which can be transmitted through their droppings. When they leave droppings filled with parasites, dust can carry these substances into your air ducts, exposing people to pathogens.

Noise Complaints

If you’ve ever had pigeons invest your home or business, you’ll know exactly how noisy they can be. When you are trying to get some sleep on a Sunday morning or you’re in the office working on an important project, the last thing you need is a flock of pigeons distracting you with their constant cooing sounds.

A trained professional will create a strategic plan to rid your property of birds, they’ll eliminate food sources and make it as unwelcoming as possible.


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