Key Facts You Should Consider Before Installing Double Glazing

If you are thinking about fitting double glazing in your home, you should consider numerous factors before doing so.

Picking the Right Frame

When choosing double glazing frame materials, you have several options. Some material is more expensive than others, while some won’t require as much maintenance. Here are the main double-glazing frame materials on the market today.

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • uPVC
  • Sash Windows

Selecting the right material for your property is easier done by consulting with a local windows supplier in Tamworth, a professional will be able to tell you what suits your budget and lifestyle.

Various Quotes

Before you pick a company to install double glazing in your home, shop around for multiple quotes. Don’t settle for the first supplier who comes along, contact several companies in your community and choose an installation team who offer an affordable rate.

Energy Consumption

Double glazing will cut energy consumption in your home by up to 12%. If you are concerned about the effect you are having on the environment and you wish to take steps to reduce that impact, energy efficient double glazing is the way to go.


Double glazing doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of your home, they also make it more secure. A burglar will think twice about targeting a property which is fitted with double-glazed windows, they are more robust and a lot more difficult to vandalise.

Before you install double-glazing in your premises, consider all of the important points mentioned in this article.










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