My Washing Machine Won’t Work? What Should I Do?

There are many reasons why your washing machine has stopped working, this article will take a look at some of the most common malfunctions and problems.

Breaker Switch is Off

If your washing machine has unexpectedly stopped working, the problem may not be with the unit at all. Many homeowners fail to check if the washing machine is actually plugged in before they call trusted washing machine repair services in Middlesbrough or other parts of the North East.

Be sure your machine is plugged in and the breaker switch is turned on before you call a professional out to your home.

Door Switch Malfunction

If you’ve a front loader, you’ll find a safety mechanism on the door switch that stops the machine working if the door isn’t closed. If this switch isn’t working, your machine won’t run any wash cycles. Check to see if the switch is engaged properly, if you suspect a malfunction, you should call a repair expert to resolve the problem. A specialist will be able to fix a variety of washing machine problems such as:

  • Defective lid switch on a top loader
  • Electrical board malfunction
  • Faulty wash motor
  • Faulty timer knob

Electrical Board Malfunction

The electrical board is like the washing machines CPU, it tells the machine what to do. If the main controls won’t work, you’ll need to replace them.

Diagnosing a problem with your washing machine can be challenging, if you can’t get it working, call a repair specialist to resolve the issue.

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