The 3 Main Benefits Of Scheduling a Regular Boiler Service In The UK

If there is one thing that we can rely on in the United Kingdom, it is our weather. For the vast majority of the year, it is going to be wet, rainy and cold and so we take steps to protect ourselves and our families from this. In this modern age, we are lucky to have heat at our finger tips and now modern boiler systems can be set and turned on and off with a simple switch. This means that when we wake up in the morning the house is warm and cosy and when we sleep at night, the house is kept at a comfortable temperature. However, one morning, you will wake up and your home will be cold.

It’s likely that your boiler in Plymouth has broken down because you haven’t been getting it serviced annually like the user manual told you to do. Now, you need to find yourself a heating plumber at short notice and it’s going to cost. Scheduling regular services offers so many benefits.

  1. When your boiler is checked, your plumber makes sure that no fuel in leaking or is being wasted. This way, you save on fuel bills and yo do your bit for the environment as well.
  2. If it is serviced regularly, it is less likely to break down and you won’t be in the situation that you find yourself in now. The plumber will notice things earlier and fix them, so new parts are needed.
  3. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real issue in the UK and last year there were over 3000 instances of this happening. A clean and well serviced boiler restricts the build up of this harmful chemical.

Regular scheduled boiler maintenance will end up saving you money over the long term and provide a much longer working life for your boiler.







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