What Do Scaffolders do?

If you’re like me, you probably don’t pay much attention to either scaffolding or scaffolders, but it should be noted our buildings would be nigh on impossible to build or maintain without them. Kent Scaffolding Erectors and Hirers essentially provide the framework around a building that others in the construction trade work from, but erecting this scaffolding isn’t as easy as it might look. There are a multitude of planning stages that must be carried out before the erection can begin, this is especially true for buildings such as:

  • Apartment Blocks
  • Listed Buildings
  • Sports Stadium Construction
  • Landmark Restoration

The above four examples are just a snapshot of what experienced scaffolding companies do on day to day basis.

Finding the Right Scaffolding Company for your Project

Finding the right scaffolding company can be tricky, particularly if you have a heritage home or property that requires extra elements of planning and preparation. Churches for example, some of which may be hundreds of years old, need additional levels of protection due to their age and fragility. The approach and planning would be completely different to the planning and preparation that would be needed for a new residential project or similar. If you are looking for a scaffolding company for a bespoke, fragile restoration/renovation job it may be wise to find a company that has previous experience in such areas. Modern housing developments and renovations are relatively straightforward and as such, it should be quite simple to find a company with the necessary experience. Whatever company you choose, make sure they have the necessary experience to work on your specific project.

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