What Does a Loft Conversion Entail?

This is a question that many UK homeowners have asked, as they look for cost effective ways to increase their living space, and when compared to any other option, the loft conversion is the cheapest. The reason is that you already have the structure, it is only a question of internal work, and that is where the big saving lies.

  • The Flooring – This would likely be chipboard, cut perfectly to size and fixed directly on top of the rafters, giving you a solid platform on which to work. This can be covered with either carpet tiles of vinyl when the conversion is complete.
  • Cladding – The interior roof surface is cladded with plywood to create a ceiling, with a layer of insulation behind the timber. This would include boxing in the water tank and enclosing pipes, to give you workable and attractive walls.
  • Skylights – Typically, there would be two skylights, one at each end, which provides you with natural light, and with openings, you can increase the ventilation in the summer. You might be able to build a bay window into the roof, and by talking to an experienced building renovations company in Chesterfield, they can design the ideal space.
  • Access – A set of foldable steps provides the best access, and the existing access square would be enlarged, allowing you to add items of furniture.

Once the cladding and floor is installed, you can begin with your interior decorating plan, and the loft could be used for a range of solutions; a home office, an extra bedroom, or even a study place for the kids.

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