What Exactly Constitutes an Emergency Plumbing Issue?

Plumbing issues do vary, and for many UK homeowners, there is more than a little uncertainty regarding what is classed as a plumbing emergency, and with that in mind, here is a list of plumbing issues that warrant immediate attention.

  • Burst Water Pipe – The absolute worst-case scenario would be a ruptured water pipe in the upstairs bathroom, and these things normally occur in the middle of the night, when you are least prepared. If ever there’s a time to call out 24-hour plumbers in Ipswich, this would be it.
  • Blocked Sewer Pipes – Another emergency situation that requires immediate attention, a blocked drain is not something to tackle yourself, as you might well make things worse. The emergency plumber has both the know-how and the equipment to identify the blockage and clear it.
  • Heating Breakdown – Losing your heating and hot water is definitely not something to leave to another day, and with gas-safe expert plumbers who are on call day and night, a quick call is all it takes to have someone on their way to your home, no matter the time of day.
  • Central Heating Boiler Malfunction – Most definitely an emergency situation, a boiler issue can happen at any time, even if you have the unit serviced regularly. Whether a gas or oil fuelled system, the emergency plumber is more than qualified to find the fault and carry out effective repairs.

All of the above are most definitely classed as a plumbing emergency, and if you ever experience such an issue, a Google search will help you to find a local plumber that offers emergency services.

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