What Makes A House A Home

What Makes A House A Home?

An assortment of bricks, mortar, metal and wood can easily bring forth four walls and a roof to shelter you. In the most basic terms, you’ve got a house there. But we all know that is miles away from what we actually call a house these days. When it comes to a home, the essence of a personal touch, the addition of a few details and a reflection of your dreams are the things conveyed when looking upon the structure or while exploring its rooms. A professional home designer takes an extra step of making your home unique, as unique as your personality.

As per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a house provides for a crucial component in the Physiological needs and home provides for quite a few factors in the Safety, Social belonging and Self-esteem needs. The importance of having a custom-built home that takes after your dreams cannot be underplayed. Each design and construction of a home takes a certain degree of acumen and understanding. More importantly, it takes patience and impeccable attention to detail to craft your dream into architectural reality.

Right from the planning stage to laying the foundation of your dream home, professionals such as Yarrum Designer Homes will be with you at every step of the way. Understanding your needs and vision and making it real through their years of experience of building homes. You might want a bed of roses, or a small fish pond right beside the entrance. You could desire a very minimalist industrial look or something quite bespoke. All you have to do is speak your heart out and watch as your imaginary ideas take shape in the real world.

Houses are easy, considering you just need shelter. Homes are difficult because you need someone to see the world through the same lenses that you wear. Then there’s the need to account for whatever plans you might have for the future. Living in a run-of-the-mill house and then trying to customise it doesn’t leave you with too many options. At the same time, it becomes quite resource intensive and a rather costly affair. But building a home from the ground up gives you the flexibility of choosing the mould, even designing it yourself, removing your concerns about being lodged in just another of the thousand similar structures around you.

Be it the interior or exterior, any design element or architectural eccentricity, the freedom of designing your own home offers a sense of satisfaction like no other. If you don’t cook that often, a large kitchen is unnecessary. If you prefer staying at home watching movies, maybe a projector room with sound-proofing is what you need. A bustling social life with friends and family coming over regularly? Craft a poolside or a game room and let the waves of popcorn roll in. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the extent of your dreams. It’s always going to be nice when you can look at your house and say to yourself, ‘This is my dream home.’

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